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Text: Saverio La Ruina

Translation: Federica Martucci, Amandine Melan

Published by Éditions de l'Amandier in 2010

Cast: Pénélope Avril, Brice Borg, Joaquim Pavy

Staging, set design: Luna Muratti

New Magic collaboration: Arthur Chavaudret

Light design: Guillaume Parra

Production: Compagnie Diorama

With the support of: La Ménagerie de Verre, Le Carreau du Temple, le Théâtre de l'Opprimé in Paris, les Tréteaux de France in Aubervilliers and l'ARIA Corse



Inspired by true facts, Déshonorée / Dishonored traces the story of Pasqualina, a young girl living in the macho and rural society of southern Italy in the late 1960's. A patriarchal society, steeped in traditions and in  conservative and religious values.

The text addresses the theme of sexual and feminine freedom. In a broader way, he probes the relations of the collective to the marginal and shows how, in a socio-economic context in crisis, these relations can degenerate, and take a violent and barbaric turn.

The elimination of the "weak link" because of its difference - sexual, religious, behavioral - responds to the logic of maintaining the family / societal clan "intact", virgin of any "impurity".

Pasqualina speaks to us. She evokes her explosive adolescence, marked by the burning of love passion, that of family ties, the sense of honor and revenge.




From 1st september to 15th october 2018: In residency in La Ménagerie de Verre, in Carreau du Temple à Paris and in Tréteaux de France - National Dramatic Center in Aubervilliers.

Work presentation


The 10th, 11th and 12th october 2018 in Tréteaux de France - National Dramatic Center in Aubervilliers.



Théâtre de l'Opprimé in Paris, from 15th to 19th may 2019.


The story

In 2016, Luna Muratti participates as an actress at the ARIA Theater Meetings in Corsica where she discovers the text of Saverio La Ruina, laureate of a translation grant at the Maison Antoine Vitez.

She is seized by the quality of the writing and the contemporaneity of the topic.

Serge Nicolai, the artistic director of Aria and Robin Renucci, its president, accept her proposal to stage this text.

Integrated to the program of the ARIA Rencontres Festival, Déshonorée is played in a first travelling version, in open air. The audience is enthusiastic.

Luna Muratti decides to continue the adventure working on a stage version of the show, in the aim of being able to offer it to everyone everywhere.

Déshonorée of Saverio La Ruina. Travelling show of 2016. Staging: Luna Muratti. cast: Alice Lacharme, David Laborie, Valentin Canioni. Performed in the Festival des Rencontres de Théâtre de l'ARIA in Corsica.

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